Need a Little Design Help.... But Not A Lot?

No big commitment, no big cash outlay.  Only big impact.  What's not to love?  Two of the area's top designers will come to your home, listen to your goals, and then give you practical and professional advice on how to get there.  We'll even share resources.  A few short hours later we're gone, and you're well on your way to a beautiful solution.

Before & After Video

See how room2improve helped these clients go from before 2 after using our In-Home Consultation services.  

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Everybody needs and deserves a beautiful, welcoming, and personalized space to call their own. Design shouldn’t always be about how much you spend but how wisely you spend it and how much the space feels like you in the end. The two of us are firm believers that your home should not be a cookie cutter, but should reflect you and how you like to live.  

Our Process

In the space of a two hour initial consultation we will get to know you, your hopes, and your goals. We will then tackle your priorities for your home and give you all the tools you need to create the environment you’ve been dreaming of.  Don’t worry, if two hours aren't enough, you can always book us in hour increments after that. You decide what you need and how often you want our assistance.  

Our Team

Dan Davis (L) and Paul Johnson (R) are two of the area’s top designers. Their work has been featured in numerous publications and you can tell they love what they do. Both believe interior design should be accessible, affordable and personal. With each appointment you get Dan’s incredible eye for design and color and Paul’s background in construction and finishes plus their excitement in helping you see your design dreams become reality.    

Ways We Can Help

Choosing Paint Colors


Painting a room is expensive, even if you paint it yourself. We can help you choose the right colors for less than it would cost to repaint.  Picking the right paint palette can help your home flow from room to room.

Floor Plans & Furniture Arrangement


  Not 100% sure on your floor plans or having trouble making your furniture fit? Let us give you a second opinion on flow and functionality. Don’t make an expensive mistake, use us to make sure things work before you break ground or buy furniture. 

Selecting Finishes


  Remodeling or building? There are a lot of choices to make. Use our years of experience to help guide you on selection of granite, hardware, flooring, tile, hardwood, fixtures, cabinets, draperies, finishes, and more.  

Moving Into a New Home


  You’ve just moved into the perfect new house, but it still doesn’t feel like your home? We can help you personalize your space and make sure you turn your new house into your new home.  

Collections & Artwork


With all the time and expense you've put into acquiring them, we can show you how to display them to best advantage.

Resources & More


Whether you need something as simple as an upholsterer to help update that worn but beloved chair or as big as a contractor to remodel your kitchen - we will share our professional resources with you.

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We are flexible - let us know when you need us.

During the week we have daytime and evening appointments available.  We also offer limited availability on the weekends.  Just let us know what works for you.


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